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Mud Therapy for Weight Loss

There are many natural remedies and forms of practice to lose weight. But what if the treatment is not sufficient to eliminate the root cause of your condition? Mud Therapy for weight loss is an effective practice and shown better results in the past.


Mud therapy, one of the naturopathy practices, is known to absorb the toxins from the body. Thus, providing relief in many ways. Though this naturopathic treatment from the past was not in the limelight earlier has started gaining popularity globally.



Mud Therapy

When we talk about the kind of mud for the therapy, the first name that strikes is Moor Mud. Apart from these, Brine mud and Fango mud can too be used in the procedure. It's just that they are costlier. 


In the practice of Mud Therapy, the basic techniques and baths pace up the metabolism and thus help burn the body fat as well as release the toxins in the body. The application of the mud layer all over the tummy area allows it to absorb the toxins from the body effectively. The method not only promotes better digestion but also boosts the metabolic rate. Once the metabolic cycle is regular and the body feels detoxed and fresh, it tends to get rid of the tendency of accumulating unnecessary fat under the skin, thus resulting in reduced weight.


Unlike other forms of Mud, Mood mud comprises an organic residue of herbs, flowers, and grasses. It is a powerful antioxidant and comprises of natural cell-regenerating properties. Also, if the body signals toxicity symptoms from bad breath, smelling underarms or foul-smelling bowel movements to muscle cramps, constipation, or chronic migraines, moor mud therapy would work wonders. With many other health benefits, moor mud can be counted on the breaking down of fat cells and reducing cellulite that is essential for weight loss. 


Immersing yourself in a hot bath with some dissolved moor mud is just what you need to do, but certain things you need to keep in mind before conducting mud therapy for weight loss or any other health condition, are listed below:


  • The hot moor mud bath tends to open up the skin pores leading to excessive sweating. Thus, being well hydrated before a mud bath is a first and foremost caution to be taken.
  • After spending a few minutes in the mud bath, rub yourself all over to exfoliate the dead skin. Thus allowing better absorption of the rich elements present in the mud.
  • Never use soap to bath yourself for post mud bath therapy.
  • Blood Pressure levels may rapidly drop in some cases, so be careful to have a short spell for the first time and avoid being alone for the first try. Keep some help ready (maybe a friend/family member, etc.)
  • Staying in the mud bath for too long might not be of any extra benefit but only increase the risk of accelerated detoxification. So avoid long spells and also avoid taking mud baths regularly. It should be limited to just twice a week but not continuously.
  • Also, avoid any food within 3 hours of the mud bath.


The mud is highly beneficial for the people who wish to lose weight or overcome the problem of obesity as it is rich in umpty ways like holding humic and fulvic acids that are water-soluble compounds. Along with lots of basic plant enzymes, they also carry health-promoting minerals like sulfur, iron, magnesium, potassium, bromide, iodine, silicon, selenium, calcium, and zinc as well as few rare trace elements that are scarcely found. Moor mud is exceptional as it is easily and abundantly available, has many healing properties. Also, it can be easily absorbed by the skin. 


Furthermore, mud has the potential of raising the metabolic rate as well as overcoming the deficiency of any mineral or trace element. The deficiencies or imbalanced metabolic rates can be a major cause of lethargy, excess weight, or an ailment. Apart from these, the mud can effectively treat joint pain and difficulties of arthritis. 


Its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties allow it to treat patients with skin conditions as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Studies also state mud baths may be beneficial in the minimization of the appearance of stretch marks. It also improves blood and lymphatic circulation.


Nowadays, with so many chemicals, toxins, and allergens all around us, mud therapy in naturopathy is an extensively cheap and effective technique of getting rid of metabolic impurities from the body and losing weight. Fasting Therapy, Naturopathic Diet are also other forms of Naturopathic treatment that can help in weight loss.